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Things To Know

Please read this FYI page, covering important aspects of our layout and facilities to ensure Terralong Terrace is right for you.

Driveway Bump

The main entrance driveway is quite steep and a part of it levels off a little (i.e. the street footpath intersects it). This means that you need to enter slowly and preferably at an angle to make sure the bottom of your vehicle doesn’t scrape on that part of the driveway. When exercising this care, most cars have no problem, except for sports-style cars which are low to the ground. Low-profile cars are better to use street parking options.

Self Check-In

There may not be staff at the reception desk when you arrive. We have an easy 24/7 self check-in kiosk. Simply enter the reservation name and phone number, and the kiosk dispenses your apartment keys. Check-in is after 2pm, so you can use the kiosk any time after that to get your keys. In the unlikely event of any issues, we are immediately contactable.


Please be aware that there are no lifts on the premises. We have 16 apartments in a two-storey complex with underground parking (i.e. parking, level 1 apartments, level 2 apartments), with each level separated by two flights of stairs. From the lower-level (under complex) allocated parking, you take the stairs to your assigned apartment.

If you have accessibility concerns, we have three ground-floor apartments that can be accessed directly from the street, though parking is still under the complex. We may be able to allocate one of these to you. One of these options is a 3-bedroom apartment with an accessible ensuite. Please contact us to confirm availability. All other apartments involve stairs in some form.

Note that for bulky items such as prams, bicycles, golf clubs, etc, every apartment has a parking-level lock-up storage room for your convenience.

Noise Level

Our apartments are considered quiet, as you’ll read in many of our reviews. However, they are all positioned differently. Note that our 1-bedroom apartments overlook Terralong Street, Kiama’s main street. Compared to other main streets, Terralong Street is pretty tame. However, if you don’t like street noise at all, consider upgrading to a 2-bedroom apartment, which is more central and further away from the street.

We ask all guests to be mindful of noise levels and respectful of everyone’s enjoyment.

Pool Temperature

Solar heating relies on weather conditions. We have a great pool area with a main pool that is solar heated. Unlike electric or gas heating, solar heating relies on the sun rays to heat the water via a pipe system which is then cycled through the pool. In the colder months (March to October), the pool temperature will not be as warm as you would expect from an electric or gas pool heater, and on cold days the water will likely be not warm enough.

Shower (2 bed)

The shower is positioned over the spa bath in all our 2 bedroom apartments.

Spa Bath

Our 1-bedroom apartments have a shower, not a spa bath. All our other apartments (2 and 3 bedroom) have spa baths. 2-bedroom apartments have one bathroom (hence the reason the shower is above the spa bath), while 3-bedroom apartments have two bathrooms (separate spa bath and shower).

Bed Configuration

The bed arrangement in each bedroom for each apartment type:

1-Bedroom: 1 x Queen | 1 x Sofa Bed (Optional Extra)
2-Bedroom (including 2-Bedroom Poolside): 1 x Queen | 2 x Single | 1 x Sofa Bed (Optional Extra)
3-Bedroom: 1 x Queen or 1 x Split King (allocated by our system) | 2 x Single | 2 x Single | 1 x Sofa Bed (Optional Extra)

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